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As a locksmith company we noticed that one of the easy home access are through the garage door. So when we talked to a Garage door repair Las Vegas company we where told that they see a lot of garage doors damages when they come over to customers to have their garage door repairs done. In most cases the thieves use the red release cord that hangs up next to the garage door chain. But what we where told was that building code does not allow a Las Vegas garage door repair company to leave that off do to an emergencies that could come up. 

But putting that aside me as a home owner after I had my garage door repaired I had cut the release cord and never looked back. 

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As the valley get more developed it's nice to see companies getting bigger and bringing success to their hometown (as well as our hometown) and that's why this is so touching. Swift Garage Door Repair Service company has added Swift Garage Door Repair Of Henderson Nevada to their business portfolio making them not just one of the top rated service providing Henderson Nevada garage door service company but it should also be noted that the owner of Swift is a local owner who has made Nevada his home long before he ever had a garage door repair company in Henderson Nevada or anywhere else. 

So as a final word, your success is our success.