Should I buy My Solar Energy System Or Should I Lease It?    

 Although some consumers might not be aware that they don't have to buy a solar energy system in Las Vegas, you can also lease it. An any case that's an additional alternative that you as the consumer have when it comes to getting solar energy installed in Las Vegas Nevada

 When you lease a solar energy system in Las Vegas you're allowing a company to install a solar system on your roof or property with no upfront cost to you. In return you do guarantee them that you will pay a monthly lease payment fee for the energy the solar power panels produce. The reason or the idea that some consumers lease their solar energy panels in Las Vegas instead of buying them could be because they don't want to take out a loan. This way you still get a solar energy system to run on but keep in mind in many cases it's not the best way to go if you want the best return on your investment. 

As you may already understand with these types of contracts your Las Vegas solar energy company would retain ownership of the solar energy system but would allow the homeowner to rent back with some useful benefits. 

 In most cases in Las Vegas Nevada homeowners do choose to buy their solar energy systems rather than lease them. This may be do to the options that are more available today than ever before when it come to financing solar energy. In fact, some solar energy financing do offer zero down payment allowing the consumer to purchase a solar energy power panel system in Las Vegas with no upfront cost. 

 Now, if you do lease your solar energy power panel system in Las Vegas or anywhere else you should know that you will not be able to get the federal tax break that is currently being offered. The federal tax break would go to the company that owns the solar energy system. This would mean that whoever owns the solar system would get to claim the 26% federal tax deduction. 

If you do decide to purchase your solar energy panels in Las Vegas the price of the system is locked but the rising cost of electricity is no longer your concern. Where the consumers of the power company have to wonder how much more will the price of electricity go up every year. 

 The one good thing that I did find when it comes to leasing a solar energy system in Las Vegas was the fact that you're almost never responsible for maintenance or repairs in most situations. But keep in mind that most solar energy power panels do come with a warranty that's good for twenty years or more. Making the idea of having any issues more rare than not.

 Another peace of information that I found online that you might want to take in for consideration before you lease a solar energy system is the ''Yearly Rate Escalation''. In some solar energy lease contracts there's a yearly escalation clause that increases your rate each year. This percentage hike can be as much as 3 or 4% every year. And when we start to add that up it could be somewhere around 30 to 40% more than we started. Always look into the details before you sign anything. 

What would happen if you wanted to sell your home while still under the solar energy lease agreement? You might need to find a home buyer that is willing to sign the lease  agreement (In some cases you might be able to pay for the labor to relocate your solar energy panel system to your new home).

Personal thoughts about going with solar energy inLas Vegas

You have the option of going with a solar energy system in different ways but it seems that at this time going solar by lease is the least appealing option at this time. This doesn't mean it's not right for you but when I look at all the benefits of owning versus leasing I just don't personally get it. 

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